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Thermal Technology Evo Dual Zone justerbar dekkvarmere


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Innovative dekkvarmere fra italienske Thermal Technology. Varmere basert på karbonfiber teknologi, mao. lettere/tynnere, mer fleksible og mer effektive!

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Model for maximum performance, made with Nomex fabric exterior and interior with the new fabric TDH (Total Diffusion Heater). The heating of the tyrewarmer is divided into two areas and the division of the electrical part into two independent managed by a control unit inserted on the rod, allowing to reach a temperature of 120 ° C evenly across the entire surface of the tyre.


The product Evo Dual Zone provides the ability to have custom colors and logos on request.


  • Black aramid Nomex fabric.
  • Double thermo-reflective layers.
  • Transversal and longitudinal electric layout.
  • Aramid Nomex fabric in contact with tyre and heating element.
  • Velcro closure on the orange tie with black silicon control unit.
  • TT embroidery on the external cloth in 2 positions.
  • Elastic stretcher on conformed miniskirt and in relief on the electrical part to ease the assembly.
  • Current: 230V.
  • Front tyre warmer power: 370W; rear: 560W.
  • Temperature control with the electronic unit and probe.
  • Carbon Fiber resistors with aluminium diffuser.
  • 1,80m bipolar cable.




Large (180-dekk), XL (200-dekk), XXL (205-dekk)


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